About Anna

Anna Ashrafi is a Hamburg based designer with Polish roots.
As a child she spent hours to paint and create mood-collages building a strong contrast to the grey painted socialistic life in the 80's.

After graduating at the HTW Berlin she worked more than 8 years as a fashion designer developing womens apparel, denim and sportswear collections.

A journey through colorful Brazil lighted her passion for prints & swimwear and inspired her to focus on this.

In 2010 she founded her fashion & textile print studio and developed numerous prints and swimwear collections for the international fashion market.
Her style is rich in color with an expressive statement. Her collections are inspired by flowers, plants, ethnical patterns and by modern art.
Anna Ashrafi's designs are created using screen-printing, digital and hand-drawn techniques. All prints are repeated. Each design is unique and once purchased it’s exclusively owned by the client.

Anna Ashrafi Design Studio is exhibiting at the Première Vision Designs show in Paris twice a year.

Anna Ashrafi - Fashio Prints